African Women are among the most beautiful women in the world

Whether they hail from the eastern, western, southern, or central parts of the continent, it is apparent that beautiful African women are showcasing their true beauty and talent to the world everyday. It is now time that we take the initiative to pay tribute to the most beautiful African women in the world. These beautiful African women are not only known for their looks, but their leadership roles in their communities. Give it up for these beautiful African women.

Playfulness: When a woman has a good sense of humor

Laughs at herself a lot, doesn't take that much to heart, then she is being very cute. Brothers often encounter some black women who are quick to jump on them at the drop of a dime. While this can be funny sometimes it doesn't necessarily make them like them more. Men like women more when, instead of kirking out and going nuts over the smallest issues, relaxes, stays cool and handles the issue in a lighthearted way. Sometimes we are turned on by women who might come off as mean because it might be a challenge to win their affection. However, we typically don't like it in most cases (but be yourself unless you are trying to make a good impression). I remember Shahrazad Ali saying in her book "The Black man's guide to understanding the black women that a black woman with a sense of humor is worth her weight in gold (okay a black woman said it so don't blame me lol).

sexy black


According to the wikipedia definition of sexual attractiveness, sexual attraction involves how you look, what you smell like and how you move. You don't have to have the perfect body to be sexy (according to our culture). You can actually be ugly and sexy lol. It all depends on how you move and what you smell like really. Keep a smile on your face and have a HIGH level of self respect. Very sexy. You don't have to smell like the most expensive perfume in the world but you also can't smell like garbage can juice lol. And finally, make sure you are flexible in your movements. Practice yoga and stretch a lot everyday (this will also help you to feel better too because we hold tension in our muscles and when we exercise we relieve tension).


Caring means being concerned about a person. You are not being concerned about a person when you are always looking for ways to piss them off. You are however being concerned when you are asking about their welfare. When you touch a man in a loving way. When you give him space to be himself without over judging. When you ask him what he needs in order to make his life a little better.

These are the traits that make a woman irresistibly attractive. Strange enough, most women spend so much time working on how they look and very few time working on how to improve these 3 characteristics in their personality. Of course it's not the black woman's fault (you all have never been taught this, at least not formally). Try these things if you want to impress a certain guy.

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