Why Asian men don't date black women

Black woman-Asian man couples are like considered rare in the US… sometimes even ridiculed as poor matches by whites, blacks and Asians alike. Is this combo freakish as some people who have never seen such a couple put it?

One thing that made me sit and think for a moment is… "Are there fewer Asian men that are willing to date black women… and even fewer white women willing to date Asian men?" It’s like Black women and Asian men are being left on the sideline when it comes to the interracial dating game. So why is this?

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Following what most people say, would it be right to conclude that most Black women and Asian men probably aren’t interested in dating outside of their own race?

When people finally get over their rigidity and put a human face to black woman/Asian man relationships eventually they will respect this combo as much as most Americans accept and even laud some other types of interracial unions.

This would be one viable option to consider in interracial dating… Black women and Asian men should start dating each other more. What do you make of it?