Why white men love black women

Most white males don’t feel like they are running short of white women to marry. White males just marry at high rates. So question is: Why black women? The thing is it will not be fair to bundle up black women as one since everyone is their own person… be it in appearance or personality.

“We love a black woman's confidence, her tenacity and her undeniable achievements in the face of great adversity..." Since this info was coming from a white man, there was definitely the mention of the lips, the curves, and that wonderful skin as well.

sexy black

So what about stereotypes like “black women are sexually freed" Many people give so much lip service to interracial dating. You would think they have never done it.

Bottom line, you don't have to sacrifice who you are for a white guy. They will love you anyway. Just be you and open yourself up… and if you like white guys, some white guy will find you too.